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sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

A primeira Loja de Investigação na Europa

R.'. L.'. Abu Simbel nº01, a O.'. de Lisboa

A Resp.'.Loj.'. de Pesquisa "Abu Simbel” nº 01, a Oriente de Lisboa, é a primeira Loja de Investigação, na Europa, sob os auspícios da Ordem Internacional do Rito.Antigo e Primitivo Memphis Misraim.

Esta Loja incorpora os ideais e tradições das antigas escolas iniciáticas, Os Membros desta Resp.´. Loja estudam com grande profundidade e conhecimento, os grandes temas e questões da Maçonaria Simbólica. O lema da Resp.´. Loj ABU SIMBEL é Gnosce te Ipsum.

sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Egyptian Mystical Rites


  Information and Instruction   The local body of the Order is known as a Palace. The hall where the sessions are held is known as the Inner Court of the Palace. The meetings of the members are called Councils. The ante room is called the Outer Court. The outer door is called the Outer Portal. The inner door is called the Inner Portal.


Titles of Officers

The presiding officer of the Palace is called Noble Prince. The next in command is called Mystic Oriental Prince. The Secretary is called Mystic Oriental Scribe. The Mystic Oriental Treasurer. The Mystic Oriental Priest, the Mystic Oriental Guide, the Mystic Oriental Guards, the Mystic Oriental Trustees, the retiring Noble Prince is called Past Noble Prince. The members, other than officers shall be known as Mystic Oriental Sons, however, addressed as Mystic So and So.

The regalia of the Order is a bright yellow fez with a black tassel, with the emblem of the Order and name of the Palace worked on front of same. The officers of subordinate Palaces shall also wear a bright yellow fez with a black tassel, with the first letters of their title under the name of the Palace.
Each Palace shall provide capes for the officers, to be used during initiation ceremonies, and also on parade if desired as follows:
For the Noble Prince a Purple Cape, for the Past Noble Prince a White Cape, for the Mystic Oriental Prince a red cape, for the Mystic Oriental scribe a Blue Cape, for the Mystic Oriental Treasurer a Yellow Gape, for the Mystic Oriental Guide a green Cape, for the Mystic Oriental Priest a Black Cape trimmed in white. For the Guards, uniforms; the fez to be worn by all officers and Mystic Oriental Sons. A Palace may provide robes for its officers in place of capes if so desired.
On the opening of a Council, the Mystic Oriental Guide shall examine all present in the Desert Pass, as well as his membership card, if there should be present Mystic Oriental Son without one or the other or both, the Mystic Oriental Guide shall report same to the Noble Prince, who shall ascertain from the Mystic Oriental Scribe the standing of said Mystic, and act as he sees proper in reference to the said Mystic remaining during the Council of said Palace.

Opening Ceremony   Noble Prince takes his station, gives two raps with gavel.

NOBLE PRINCE: By virtue of authority in me vested, by the Supreme Grand Palace, and in obedience to the laws of the Ancient Egyptian Order Mystic Oriental Sons, I am about to open this Council of Mystic Oriental Sons. Mystics take your stations, Mystic Oriental Sons be seated. All officers will take their stations, and Mystics will be seated. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Guards secure the inner and Outer Portals. Mystic Guards close the Outer and Inner Portals, and the Inner Oriental Guard reports from his station. MYSTIC ORIENTAL GUARD: Noble Prince the Outer and Inner Portals are closed against intrusion. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Guide, prove all present in the Desert pass, sending those to me who have it not. Mystic Oriental Guide proves all present in the Desert Pass, goes to the Altar, makes the salutation, and reports, remains standing at Altar. NOBLE PRINCE: Past Noble Prince, what does your station represent and your duties? PAST NOBLE PRINCE, rises and will say: My Station represents Honor, and my duties are to attend the Councils of the Palace, that my fellow Mystics may have the benefit of my experience, and to officiate in the ceremony of initiation. Remains standing. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Priest, what does your station represent, and your duties? MYSTIC ORIENTAL PRIEST, rises, and will say: Noble Prince, my station represents Reverence, and my duty is to offer up our supplications at the opening and closing of the Council, and officiate in the ceremony of initiation. Remains standing. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Prince, what does your station represent, and your duties? MYSTIC ORIENTAL PRINCE, rises, and will say: Noble Prince, my station represents Goodfellowship, and it is the next highest station in the Council of this Palace, and my duties are to assist you in keeping order, to occupy your station in your absence, and to officiate in the ceremony of initiation. Remains standing. NOBLE PRINCE, rises, gives three raps of the gavel, and all will arise: Mystic Oriental Sons, my station represents authority, and it is my duty to preside at all Councils of this Palace, to preserve order and decorum, to supervise the affairs of this Palace, and to officiate in the ceremony of initiation. Through a kind Providence, we are permitted to assemble again, in Council for the diffusion of the principles of our ancient and noble Order. Let us sing his praise. Upon conclusion of the singing of the opening Ode.

NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Sons let us assume the ancient attitude of Mystic Oriental Sons while our Mystic Oriental Priest offers up our devotion. Calls up the Council.

All will extend arms in front of body palms upward and look to the east. On conclusion of the devotion all will drop hands to side and face the altar.

MYSTIC ORIENTAL PRIEST: Almighty and All powerful One, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, we thank Thee for giving us health and strength, that permits us to meet again in Council. Guide us in our deliberations, and may nothing be said or done that will be displeasing in Thy sight. We ask it all in Thy Name, Amen.
Upon concision of the devotion, the Oriental Guide will open the Bible. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Sons I now declare the Council of … Palace, Number …, duly opened for the purpose of transacting all legal business, that may come before the Council give two raps with gavel, and Council will be seated. Mystic Oriental Guide goes to his station.
NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Guard, you will admit all Mystic Oriental Sons now in waiting all in waiting will enter. NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Scribe, you will call the Roll of Mystics, and read the record of our last Council. Mystic Oriental Scribe calls the roll of Officers, and reads the record of the Last Council.

General Instructions on Initiatory Work   The Noble Prince shall appoint a director of work, who shall if he desires appoint a special degree staff, to put on all sections of the Ritual, especially for the second section, under the directions of the Director of work.

The initiatory ceremony, gives the candidate his first impressions of the Order, make that impression proper and lasting, and it will redound to the good of the Order.

The Ritual must be exemplified exactly as written. This applies both to the spoken parts, and instructions. No omission shall be tolerated’. The members shall maintain silence and order, during the work, and refrain from smoking.

After the obligation, if there be more than one candidate, one of the number may he selected to represent the class, in the remainder of the work, in the first section. second section and third section, however, this is optional with the director of the work. All may be used if he so desires.
Paraphernalia to be used in first section
A Pyramid, large enough to be noticed, which can be made out of canvass, with opening in the rear, large enough for a man to crawl into out of sight. A skull and several bones, placed inside the Pyramid. The Pyramid to be placed in the hall, according to the diagram for this section. A figure, representing a mummy, on a stretcher. A small table with refreshments on same, arranged as per diagram for this section.


Ceremony of Initiation - First Section.   Note: The director of work may make the ceremony of initiation as elaborate as he desires, provided the Palace has the funds for the purpose and instructs the director to do so. Provided, however, there shall be no changes that will detract from the Ritual.

It is permissable to have music and singing, at any point of the initiation, that the Director of work may think will add to the ceremony, in addition to what has been provided for in the Ritual.

All in Readiness.

The Mystic Oriental Guard of the Outer Portal rushes through the Inner Portal, very much excited, and, addresses the Noble Prince, thus: Noble Prince, I have found lurking in the shadow of Cheops, a band of pilgrims. When I demanded an explanation of their presence they replied that they were a band of pilgrims, who having heard of the Ancient Egyptian Order Mystic Oriental Sons, have traveled across the desert, in search of their Palace, where they hope to find rest and companionship. Guard makes salutation and returns to Outer Portal.

NOBLE PRINCE: Mystic Oriental Guide, you will journey to the shadow of Cheops, and bring before me this band of ‘pilgrims The Guide makes the salutation and retires, and returns with the pilgrims hoodwinked, marches around the hail. All members will sing an Ode.
On conclusion of the Ode, the Guide halts with the pilgrims in front of the Altar, and presents them to the Noble Prince.
MYSTIC GUIDE: Noble Prince, in obedience to your command, I bring before you this band of pilgrims, whom I found lurking in the shadows of Cheops? NOBLE PRINCE: Pilgrims, what excuse canst thou render for lurking in the shadows of Cheops? Guide, for pilgrims, replies as follows: Most Noble One. We are a band of pilgrims, who have traveled far, and undergone many trials and difficulties, in search of the Palace of the Ancient Egyptian Order Mystic Oriental Sons, where we hope to find rest and companionship. NOBLE PRINCE: What is thy name? The Guide reads name of pilgrims. NOBLE PRINCE: Pilgrims, your search for the Palace of the Ancient Egyptian Order Mystic Oriental Sons is ended, but before you can enjoy the rest and companionship, for which you crave, and which exists only in a Palace of Mystic Oriental Sons, you must take upon yourself a most binding oath, and subject yourself to many trials and difficulties, to prove that you are worthy of this rest and companionship, which is everlasting and everlasting, to all Mystic Oriental Sons. With This admonition, are you willing to take this journey? Pilgrims will answer: I am. NOBLE PRINCE: Pilgrims, in accordance with the ancient custom of this Order, you will take upon yourselves the oath. You will kneel upon both knees, your left hand over your heart, your right hand extended toward ‘heaven, pronounce your name in full, and repeat after me. Room in darkness, except light on Altar. Guides raises the hoodwinks, soft music while obligation is being given.
Noble Prince takes position in front of Altar.
I, in the presence of the Almighty and All powerful, one the Creator of heaven and earth and the Mystic Oriental Sons here assembled, do, upon bended knees, my left hand over my heart, my right hand raised toward Heaven, in token of my sincerity, and in my right mind, do, of my own voliation, solemnly swear, that I will obey all laws, rules, and regulations of the Ancient Egyptian Order mystic Oriental Sons, its Supreme Grand Organization Department and the Supreme Grand Palace and my subordinate Palace, that are now in force, and all laws, rules and regulations hereinafter enacted.
I also solemnly swear, that I will never wrong this Order, in any manner whatsoever, and I will not permit others to do so, if it is in my power to prevent it.
I also solemnly swear, that I will never reveal to anyone, not entitled to receive the same, any of the secrets of this Order, written or unwritten, but will keep them safely locked with in my breast as they are now locked in the bowels of Cheops.
I also solemnly swear, that I will render assistance to a worthy Mystic Oriental Son, and any member of his family, when appealed to as such, defend his character, and hasten to his relief when in danger.
I also solemnly swear, that I will not have improper relations with any female member of the family of a Mystic Oriental Son, nor will I permit others to do so, if within ray power to prevent it, and I will protect childhood and womanhood, whenever, and wherever opportunity offers.
I also solemnly swear, that I will not oppress my fellowman, but will act with justice to all, that I will prefer a Mystic Oriental Son to any other, in all my dealings, unless I find reason that justifies me in acting otherwise.
To all of this, I most solemnly swear, with the full knowledge, that should I become so low, as to violate this my solemn Oath, or any part thereof, and prove unworthy of the confidence imposed in me, may the word Traitor be branded on my forehead, that I be published to the world, as a low vile wretch, without ‘honor, or any other penalty the Order may see cause to inflict upon me. Amen. On conclusion of the administering the Oath, members will say: We have witnessed your Oath.
  Devotion   MYSTIC ORIENTAL PRIEST: Almighty and All powerful One, the Creator of Heaven and earth, we thank Thee for the privilege of receiving into our noble Order, these our fellow citizens. Help them to be obedient to Thy laws, to the laws of this country, and the laws of this Order. Solemnize this occasion, burn into their hearts and their minds, the duties they owe to Thee, to tire government and to their fellow man. Vouchsafe them, a clear understanding of the obligation they have just assumed, and give unto them a proper conception of their duties and responsibilities, as Mystic Oriental Sons of this Order, and to Thee be given all honor and glory. Amen. NOBLE PRINCE: Your oath taken in the presence of the Almighty and All powerful One, the Creator of Heaven and earth and in the presence of the Mystic Oriental sons here assembled, enables you to proceed further, that you may receive that which will make you a Mystic Oriental Son provided, however, that you do not falter on your Journey, you will arise. The Pilgrims arise to their feet, the Guide conducts the pilgrims to the Outer Court to await instructions.
  Lodge room prepared as follows:
Small table with refreshments thereon, a pyramid of canvass or wood in a corner of room, with a skull and bones placed inside, no hoodwinks. Room in semi-darkness, low music. All officers in their stations.
The Guide will enter with the pilgrims taking part in the ceremonies without making any alarm, and proceed as follows:
The Guide walks slowly around the room, and halts at the table containing refreshments, where they will proceed to partake of same. Just before beginning to partake of the refreshments, two members will appear, with a mummified figure, on a stretcher, and halt in front of the Guide and pilgrims. The Guide will point his finger at the mummified figure, and address the pilgrims thus:
MYSTIC ORIENTAL GUIDE: Look on this, drink and enjoy thyself, for such shalt thou be, when thou art dead. Time, like an ever roiling stream, bears all its Sons away, they fly forgotten, as a dream dies at the opening of the day. Members with figure, quietly retire from the scene. Guide and pilgrims proceed around the hail, and halt at the Pyramid.
MYSTIC ORIENTAL GUIDE: Pilgrims, before you can become a Mystic Oriental Son you must prove that you are a Son of the Desert, therefore, you must penetrate into the bowels of Cheops, and whatsoever ye shall find, bring forth, and this shall be proof that you are a Son of the Desert. The pilgrim is caused to crawl into the opening of the Pyramid, and remain for a few moments, and come forth bearing the skull and bones, and carries them on his journey.
MYSTIC ORIENTAL GUIDE: Pilgrims, thou hast done well, for thou hast discovered the bones of thy fathers who were true Mystic Oriental Sons of the Desert, and which will give thee an audience with the Noble Prince. Guide halts at Altar, room is made light, and all pilgrims are lined up before the Noble Prince.
MYSTIC ORIENTAL GUIDE: Noble Prince, the pilgrims have journeyed across the desert, have taken the oath of a Mystic Oriental Son, have feasted at the board of hospitality, have looked upon the immortality of the Sons of the Desert, have penetrated the bowels of Cheops, and there found the bones of their fathers, and now await your direction. Pilgrim steps forward and hands the skull and bones to the Noble Prince, who places them upon the Altar.
NOBLE PRINCE: Pilgrims, you have done well in bringing me proofs of your right to become true Mystic Oriental Sons, yet before, you can he received into full fellowship, you must receive the commendations of the King, conduct the pilgrims to the Outer Court. Guide conducts the pilgrims to the Outer Court to await further instructions.
  Diagram of Council Hall for second section of ceremony
A King’s throne or lounge a curtain across stage with emblem.
A King’s throne or lounge a curtain with emblem painted on same. A purple robe, a gold chain and a gold ring for the strange lad, a small house representing a prison. Musical instrument of some kind for female characters.
NOTE: The Director of Work may use such other paraphernalia desired to bring out the scene, without detracting from the Ritual.
Director of Work will arrange stage to best advantage.
King on throne or lounge, male attendants, just in rear of King, caption of the Guard standing just below king on right, (place guards to best advantage). Female attendants reclining out in front of King, with musical instruments, and King’s Jester in front of King. In an appropriate part of the hall, a house representing a prison, in charge of two Guards, standing in front.